Saturday, November 9, 2013

Getting Ready for Christmas 2013 -- Christmas Party for the Kids

The shops here in Cuenca are getting all dressed up for the Holidays.

When we first arrived a few years ago, it wasn't all that comercial, but it's getting more so each Holiday Season.  Some stores are looking and sounding a lot like those in the USA during holiday time.  Beautiful decorations for sale and Christmas Carols (most in English).

No Christmas tree lots here.  Most trees sold are fake (some look pretty good for fake) or you could get a live tree from a nursery.  Certainly no opportunity to cut down your own tree like we used to in Oregon and California (unless it's on your own property).

Our holiday season is in the midst of our summer...way hot in the intense sun.  No snow here!

From Christmas to Christmas, another thing we've noticed that hasn't changed much is the wonderful, heartwarming Children's Christmas Party hosted by our family, Bob and Roxanne on the Coast.  Well, it's changed some over the's BIGGER! 

We always tell folks that want to contribute to holiday charities out there to please consider donating to this annual event.  It's one of our favorites.......grass roots, with all donations going directly to the Party and the kids, no middle people sucking off salaries, fund raising and/or business expenses.  AND, the smiles are priceless!

 We love that Bob and Rox gift the parents with a picture of their child taken at the Party.  These are often the only pictures of their children from year to year.  The gift bags from Santa contain toys, sweets and often school supplies,  Bob and Rox host  lunch for everyone as well.  You know how kids love hot dogs!  It's a very special day for these families.

You can see more on Bob and Rox's blog and learn how you can make an easy donation.

Thank You for making a difference!  A definite warm-and-fuzzy for the contributors, too!

These pictures were taken in Cuenca this year.

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