Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Cuenca's Independence Day Celebration 2013

Cuenca celebrated  193 years of independence from Spain on November 3.  Actually, the festivities went on a few days before and after.  It's the biggest annual fiesta in our City (after Christmas Eve). 

About 75,000 visitors descended on the streets, along with several thousand residents.  We hear hotels and flights were all booked for days.  School was out for the fiesta weekend beginning Friday so the kids could have some fun, too (many of them were in the parades).

(Red/yellow flag is Cuenca's; red/yellow/blue is Ecuador's.)

Lots to see and do!  Art displays, parades, dancing, music, fireworks, and so much more! 

We spent fun time wandering with friends..  We shopped and ate, looked and watched and walked all over the City.  Weather was good and almost too hot mid day (we're going into summer here.)   We walked everywhere with our hats, bottles of water and sun umbrella. 

Lots of pics to share.  We're going to break this weekend up into parts so we can share more pictures and stories.  This post will show you some of the fabulous art around town. 

Art displays and handmade arts/crafts from several countries, as well as Ecuador.  Most for sale and the vendors were doing a brisk business.

Several historic buildings displayed art... some of the buildings were works of art, too!

Textiles from Chile, accompanied by musicians.


Sheep with wooden bodies and real wool.



Proud Mom and adorable daughter with cute butterfly face paint!


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