Friday, November 15, 2013

Pictures -- Cuenca, Gualaceo and Chorteleg

 Always something fun to share from our walks.....  A few randem pictures  from Cuenca and some outlying areas.

 We're starting with Cuenca:

A little girl in a party dress checking out a bookstore.

Blue neon lights in a Church.

Photo display on the side of a building.

Wedding figurines in a party shop.

Street scenes.

Nice fountain and feeding the birds.
Calle Larga on a quiet Sunday.

Fun art at the entry of California Kitchen.

Another repaired street and sidewalk.

Yummy snacks for sale.

Art poster on the front of a building.

One day we saw a fire up on the hill near Turi.  Fortunately, the fire fighters got it out quickly.  You can see smoke here.

A close-up.


We've shared pictures of the San Sebastian Church before, but check out this blue-blue sky!

We never tire of this fountain at the plaza.

A favorite painting. Power to the bull!

New Street art.


One Sunday we took a walk along the river in Gualaceo.  Very pretty and peaceful.

A new doggie friend.

Another walk in Chorteleg with new-to-us street art:

Always fun  to see what's out there on our walks.

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