Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July and Sunday/s

We enjoyed the 4th with several friends from the US (and Canada).  Our friends and neighbors, Chuck and Nancy, hosted a July 4th party, complete with pizza and lots of fun.

Our gracious hosts:

Cake!  It wasn't decorated with 'real' red, white and blue...but the coral, turquoise and white was close enough for us!

We enjoyed meeting newcomers, Karen and Randy.  (Karen in the blue below, Randy in the plaid.)  Welcome to Cuenca!

Karen and Randy's blog tells their story:

For more pictures of the party, see

Being Sunday, we started the day bright and early for our traditional Sunday walk to town with Chuck and Nancy.  Always a delight!

As we all headed out, Rich took this picture of another building under construction in our neighborhood...lots of progress...Edificio Amazonas.
Another 10 story going up.  Juliet-type balconies.

There is always something interesting on our walks...here are the 2 Nancy's 'discovering' some carvings in the stonework...(We've walked by them several times before and didn't notice...)  We'll get pictures of the lizard, faces and others another Sunday.

A cute little girl with her puppy.

Here are a few more pictures we'd like to share...

We can't get enough of these beautiful blue domes at the New Cathedral! 

Roadwork is progressing...
(Ricky, this one is for you!!  Your Dad is waving to you!!!)

We had a wonderful time at Tiesto's for our anniversary dinner.  Food is always top-notch and the desserts are works of art.  Praline cake and a gooey-chocolate with ice cream.  The dessert plates are decorated with fruit syrup flowers, so pretty!  (And, so yummy!)

For those who have asked for more flower pictures:

A previous Sunday, we caught up with our Canadian friends, Brian, Shelley and Fredi.
Chuck had remembered that July 1st is Canada Day!  He brought along a Canadian flag twirl-y thing and hung it in a tree at the Park for an early celebration.

Always something fun to do on a Sunday in Cuenca!

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  1. Thank you guys for the picture!!!
    looks like you can't get enough of Cuenca, all the pictures are amazing!
    the best of luck Richard and Nancy!
    u big hug from your friend Ricky.

    ps. loving the view you have in your apartment.