Thursday, July 29, 2010

Catching up on Sundays

We love our traditional walks to town each Sunday.  Always something new and interesting.

Our Sundays begin really early, we catch up with our walking partners, our friends Chuck and Nancy, and then we head on out. 

Here's one of our favorite routes:

We walk up our street, across Av Ordonez Lazo, up around the corner toward our SuperMaxi (taking a break or 2, to catch our breath from the incline).  Then, up the street some more to the traffic light...past the Punto market (where sometimes we stop to get bottles of water) and on to Av La Mar (where we give treats and pets to one of our favorite doggies).   Then, it's almost a flat, straight walk to town.  We always give a sigh of relief at this point in the journey!  Flat is good. 

We love the quiet and peace of a Sunday walk in the early mornings...The air is clean, hardly any traffic...we're able to enjoy it all before the City wakes up.  Normally crazy-busy streets, with heavy traffic and pollution, are almost empty.  We meander along the cobblestone streets,  marvel and admire the old buildings and always wonder what treasures and stories are behind the doors...

Our walks give us a great opportunity to visit with our friends and catch up on all the news of the week...We saunder and chat (no power-walking!) and decompress from our busy-ness.  And, then we reward ourselves with a good breakfast and sometimes a visit with friends at the main square afterwards. 

The 2 Nancy's are posing with some favorite street art. 

Right outside this shop, there are carvings in the cobblestones. 

Always a surprise and delight somewhere.

This cute little elephant is 3D, attached to the building.  Elephants are seen in both homes and shops as they represent good luck.

More small paintings on the building.

One Sunday we tried to capture the sun peeking around the New Cathedral...a glorious sight!

So much more to see and enjoy if you're on foot! 
It's a totally different perspective if you're on the bus or in a taxi.
You might get from here to there faster on wheels, but on a slower walk you'll see more.
We like slow!  Good for the blood pressure, too. 

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