Monday, July 19, 2010

We're in the newspaper!

The national newspaper, El Comercio, wanted to do an article on expats and their lives here in Ecuador.
They interviewed several of us in a few areas and the article was published in the Sunday edition. 

Here's pictures of the newspaper's journalist/interviewer and the photographer:

Our good friends, Chuck and Nancy, scanned and published a few pictures on their blog

...and we are doing the same (knowing that not all our friends and family regularly follow all the blogs here.)

Here we are...this is exciting!  (Yes, we were a little nervous!)

On the left is Rich standing across from the Adobe rental, right in front of the river and the walking bridge.  You can see the stairs  going up to Calle Larga. 

On the right, we're with our friend Holly (who also lives here).  We're meeting Jolie, who is visiting from New Zealand.

We love these pics of Nancy (blue jacket), showing the pictures of her family on the fridge, and Chuck, tending his beautiful garden.

For those who don't read Spanish, you can see an English translation of the article here:

We've had a whirlwind week!  Bob and Roxanne came to visit from the coast and a ton of furniture for the Fragata units arrived just fine, right on schedule.
We'll be sharing lots of fun pics in the next couple days, so stay tuned...

For previews, be sure to check out Bob and Rox's blog at:


More later.

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