Friday, July 2, 2010

Remembering our wedding, 22 years ago

Family and friends have asked for some pics of our wedding day...thanks for asking!
It's our 22nd wedding anniversary!  Thanks for remembering!

This request gives us such a fun opportunity to re-look and re-visit those pics and remember that special day with all of you, too.We had such a wonderful, most excellent time!
It's been bittersweet as we go through the pictures and remember the stories.
Some friends and family have passed on since then...we miss them but we know they will be with us forever...they are right across the rainbow...

Some of the little tykes at the wedding are now all grown up, with college degrees, military service, spouses, jobs, houses and children of their own.  We're so proud of you!

Time goes by so quickly!  But, we remember our wedding celebration with all of you as if it were yesterday...when we were young...(younger!)

A picture of the glorious fog on the coast!  The sky and the ocean really were this blue.

You'll remember when we got married,  we celebrated for several days! 

The remodel of the cottage was 'almost done'...but, more than 'done enough' for a party!

You will remember that Rich and friends built new front and side decks and the 'bridal bridge'....the entire interior of 'Cliff Cottage' was gutted and redone, too.  Here are some construction shots...

You'll remember the cows that came down to the ceremony from across the road (no pics, unfortunately).  Not everyone has cows at their wedding!
We can still hear the laughter over the moooo-ing.  We could barely get through our vows, it was so funny.

Rich and friends, VERY early on the wedding day, finished up with railings on the new deck and the clean-up...
Guess who is in those coveralls?!

Remember Ol' Yeller?  That old truck used to get tickets for ugliness...but what a work horse.  Only Rich knew how to drive it.

Food was fabulous at the wedding!  Folks made sandwiches and filled a plate with salads, grabbed a drink and walked down to the sand...

Wedding cake!  All decorated with white roses, ivy and ferns.  Chocolate, of course!

Even Mz Kitty enjoyed a treat...

A picture of the beach picnic area below the back deck...

More fun pics of The Day...

Brennan's flute music was wonderful!

This is Rich telling Nicole and Emily that their job as flower girls was just to 'look real cute'...(obviously, the girls had that one down!)

The Bride and Daddy, awaiting the clean-up crew to finish up on the front deck.

Crossing the Bridal Bridge...just finished a few days before.

Jenny and Eric.

Cathy and Chris...

"Timmy" (now "Tim") caught the garter!

Mom of the Bride hugging the Groom...

Lots of dancing and good ol' loud rock 'n' roll!

It was July 4th weekend.  The day after, Nancy's Dad did his famous delicious ribs...and the little ones played in the hot tub, while the adults just relaxed...

Evie and Josh soaking up the sun.

Marji, relaxing...

 the tiara!

Talking to folks who couldn't join us...

Thanks to all of you for celebrating with us on The Day/s and each year since. 
Many Thanks for the memories!  We love you all!!

(If you'd like to re-look at the anniv. pictures posted last year, go back in the blog to July 2009.)


  1. What a fun time! You two have not changed a bit. We wish you many more wonderful years ahead. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Congrats Rich and Nancy! It was so great to meet you both last night at Tiestos. We're originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, so we recognized the coastline! Hope to meet up with you both again! Here's to another 22 years!

  3. Happy Anniversary! What lovely pictures of your wedding. Looks like everyone had a great time. I agree with Nancy W - you haven't changed a bit!