Friday, July 30, 2010

Pics of Friends (for the Mom's)

We've gotten an email that just re-inforces the phrase:  "Pictures are priceless"!

The email is from a Mom of one of our readers, but we have also gotten similar notes from family members of other expats/locals, too.  All looking for more photos of their friends and family.  We suppose they just want to see the happy faces and be more assured that everyone is happy and content in their lives here. 

Some of our friends here have blogs of their own, but they are usually behind the camera...which means there are few, if any, pictures of themselves on their own blogs for their friends and family.  So -- we're happy to accomodate all the Mom's out there, looking for more pics of their children!  Never can have too many pics of loved ones. 

You can see we're all still having fun...and be sure to go back in our blog for even more.  We'll do another 'medley' from our picture collection periodically.  This is fun for us to re-visit all the fun, too.  Thanks for the great idea!

With Donna, Patty and Michael at the Kook one morning for breakfast.

Jenny (Kookaburra Cafe)
and Carol (CA Kitchen).
With Fabian and Chuck.

Some fun at Tiestos with Bob and Rox, Chuck and Nancy.

Who knows what struck the funny bone.

Bruce, Clarke and Brenda.

Dinner at our place awhile ago.

With Charlie.

Charlie, Bruce, Donna and Jason.

Brother Bob.
Merlyn, Patricia and George.

Carol and Lee (of Carolina Book Store fame).

With Shell.

Jim, Susie and Carol, serving customers at their California Kitchen.

Liza and Larry.
Matt taking pictures of us, taking pictures of him!
With Barbara and Howard.

Stay tuned for more later.


  1. Jenny, we'll never tell!
    We think every Mom (and family/friends) will want to see the pics...even if they haven't asked.
    Nice for all of us to think folks are checking on us.