Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Whirlwind week -- Bob, Rox and Coquita visit Cuenca

Wow, what a fun week!

Bob, Roxanne and Coquita (The Rocket Girl!) came to visit for a few days.  We tried to pack as much fun as we could into these few days and we think we did a pretty good job at that!   We managed to deal with some business/family stuff, too.  A nice blend of business and pleasure, and catching up on all the news. 

Amongst us all, we must have taken about a zillion pictures as we explored the City and countryside, did some errands and meetings, shopped, ate (alot!)...we all had some fun being 'tourists again'.  Still fun to do, after all this time...

We also had some fun introducing Bob and Rox to some 'firsts' for them...Even though they know Cuenca pretty well, there's always something new to do.

We took them to the Kookaburra Cafe one morning for breakfast...caught up with friends...Somehow we remember Bob eating pie a la mode for breakfast, which makes total sense!  Dessert first!

**Added July 21:
A couple more great bloggers at this table...
Larry (black jacket/white shirt) writes a blog about life here in Cuenca...wealth of info:

Jim (yellow shirt)... through the eyes of a first-time visitor who has 'fallen in love' with Cuenca:

And, another 'first'...dinner at Tiestos!
Our good friends, Nancy and Chuck, joined us for dinner, too...a nice mix of new restaurant, good friends...

What a feast!

As many of our readers already know, we 4 (5 with Coquita) love a picnic, so we had to have a couple of those, too...here we are at the Fragata rentals on a balmy day.  The views and weather were perfect for outside dining.

Good excuse to try out the new patio furniture, too.  (Rich is rubbing linseed oil into the wood to help protect it from the sun...soaked right in.)

Enjoying the sun...

Getting everything organized and ready...
Sometimes the best food is cooked right in your own kitchen.  Bob treated us to his gourmet cooking...check out the perfect steaks and Bob's famous potatoes...

We all strive to be members of the 'clean plate club'!  This time, we succeeded pretty well.  We all cleaned our plates, right down to practically licking it clean.

Coquita 'helped' with the clean-up...(a little reflection in the photo from the glass door on the left...)

Another cute picture of Coquita...she entertained herself, as well as us!, for hours with all her favorite toys...

Coquita and her Uncle Rich after a busy day...

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