Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Churches and Weddings

As we were going through some pics from recent walks around town, we realized we'd created a theme of sorts...weddings and churches! Wasn't planned, just happened.

Fancy weddings are popular here, too, and the dresses in the shops are beautiful.  We captured these pics with a little glare and reflection from the street...but wanted to share them anyway.

Pretty beaded detail .

A bridesmaid dress in hot pink and black!

Wedding cakes are decorated with the bride and groom on the top...here are some samples in the wedding shops.

Here's a stationery shop with a sign out front...  doves and the bride and groom.
Lots of samples of wedding invitations in the window.

We love the churches here!  Many are old, restored beauties, with beautiful carved doors.

Some close-ups of the details.

At one of the churches, we looked down and saw this curious drawing in one of the old steps...dated 1781?  Must be an interesting story somewhere.

Had to add another picture of the flower market and the church in the background.

Also at the same plaza, there is special flower water for sale. The cloistered nuns make it from flowers in their gardens; it's for medicinal reasons.  Here's Rich and Howard partaking...

It's very popular with others, too.
This gentleman also sells candles for the church.

There is another little shop at the flower market plaza.  Many Cuencano families display a nativity scene in their homes.  These little clothes are for Baby Jesus and others in the scene.

The little clothes also dress up the dolls that children carry in the Christmas parades.

Another view of the New Cathedral...you can see one of the famous blue domes towering above.

You can also see a sun umbrella!  Hot sunny day, that day.  Also, heavy traffic leading to the Square.

One day we walked to San Blas...lovely square...
if you look closely, you can see one of the 4 big crosses that mark the original boundaries of Cuenca.  (Center of pic).

 Stunning old marble church, with carved wooden doors.. 

The church wasn't open, so we tried to get a picture through the window to share....lambs painted on the ceiling.

We'll be back to this neighborhood soon.  Another peaceful place with birds and  flowers and a great little shop with ice cream nearby!


  1. The skull on the church : Tupac Amuru II, died that year and it ended what is known as the last great Inca resistance movement. It is commonly referred to have occurred only in Peru but that date is just too interesting!

  2. Hola Sapa, thanks for the interesting info!
    We went back in this blog and re-found the church...it's in this post:


    The last pic is the church doors and the steps is where we found the skull...

    Thanks again.