Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A short trip to Paute and Hosteria Uzhupud (Part 1)

We decided, spur of the moment, to go on a road trip.  We needed a change of scenery and our calendar cooperated, so we 'jumped over the back fence' with Barbara and Howard and took a ride....

Lots of pics to we're doing the pics of Uzhupud in 2 parts.  At the bottom of this post, is part 1 of Uzhupud.  We're starting this blog with pics of Paute.

Here are some pics of Paute's church on the Square.  When we were last there, the church was under restoration.  It's all done now and it's beautiful!

Check out the inside...
The ceiling is gorgeous!  Stained glass in the rafters.
You can go back in this blog to an earlier trip showing restoration for better pics of the rafters.

Some close ups of the alter area and their very sweet manger scene.

We like the words under the statues!

More street art.

Lunch outside at the Corval restaurant.  Delicious, as always.
Paintings on the wall surrounding the patio.
Note the hand spinner on the far right.

Part 1 of Uzhupud...

Uzhupud is right outside the town of Paute.

 It's been lovingly restored in recent years and upgrated to include amentities equal to a 5 star hotel status.  It's just gorgeous!

Here's the main entry.

The grounds are fabulous! 

Everything in bloom.

We took many pictures!  Too many to share here.
See next post for part 2.

Here we are trying to see the inside of the chapel.  It's lovely!  No good pics to share, but it's simple and small and would be a great place for a wedding.

The fountain we're standing in is not full of water, of course, but if it were,  it'd be stunning.

Beautiful old ground tiles.

Here's Barbara and Nancy exploring one of the paths in the neighborhood.  We all loved the peace, quiet and beauty. 
We almost forgot how nature smells and what silence really sounds like.

We'll definitely be back!

For more info and pictures, see their website at

Facinating history, too.

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