Tuesday, December 28, 2010

More Pics of Friends

Periodically,we post pictures of friends for the families and friends who miss them...Yes, we're all still having fun here!  These pictures are for all the Moms and our friends' children who read our blogs...thanks for reminding us that it's time to share another photo medley.  Fun for us, too.

New friend, Barry.

Bill and Loretta.

Rhonda at the Park one Sunday.

Skip and Tony.

Bob with Nancy and Chuck.
Barbara and Rox at CA kitchen for US-style breakfast.

Howard, Charlie, Holly and Bruce.
Bob and Charlie, Patty and Michael.
Jim, Susie and John.

 With Lenny and Sharon at the Square. 

Toasting all of you!

Yep, still having FUN!

We'll post another collection next month or so.

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