Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Paute and Uzhupud, part 2

More pics of Hosteria Uzhupud and Paute.  We maxed out the pic count on the previous entry, but wanted to share more.

Old tin folk art on a wall...

Vega tiles.

A walking bridge near the convention center.  Over the irrigation ditch, leading to the chapel.
We can just imagine the Bride coming over!

Carved door leading to the chapel.

We think this is an old sugarcane press. Beasts of burden would have been tethered to the logs.
The horses (?) would then walk around powering the press.

More outside shots.

Lots of places to sit and relax outside.
We're debating if it's time to order cocktails...

Looks familiar!

An old tractor from way back.

Inside is the perfect lodge, complete with fireplace, comfortable chairs and hand painted birds on the ceiling!

We could live here!

Roses everywhere.

Watching the world go by in Paute's Square.

We arrived back to Cuenca, just a short ride back to the City.  A nice relaxing, quiet couple days.
 We'll be escaping back to nature again soon!

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