Saturday, December 4, 2010

Exploring the Neighborhoods and Happy Birthday, Mom!

We've been remembering our cameras on our walks...more pics of our wonderful explorations, on foot.

We've seen several of these decals around town...
Cuenca is my life!

School friends...and young siblings out and about.
The gals checking out a shop on a Sunday walk.

One day we decided to explore our own neighborhood.  We're in the west part of town.  First on the agenda was to check out a noisy gathering we could hear a half-block away from our porch.  Sounds tend to bounce off the buildings and, at first, we thought the rally was closer to Feria Libre, but instead it was taking place in the opposite direction.  Here are some pics...not sure what the protest was all about, but it was lively and passionate, with police standing by.

We continued down Av Ordonez Lasso, toward the Oro Verde Hotel, for a coffee break.  We passed some major construction for another highrise apt building...  take a look:

This is the 10 story building right next door to the new one going up:

A couple readers have asked for a picture of the Palarmo building.  You can see the juliet-type balconies.
This building is the tallest in the area, about 20 stories.

Pretty flower gardens and  fountains on the grounds.

Right across from the Oro Verde Hotel.

Here is a beautful flower arrangement in the Hotel lobby.

Another view of our street, Av Los Pinos.  Looking toward the river.
You can see the Terrazza building on the right and the Amazonas building on the left with juliet balconies, both still under construction.


¡Feliz cumpleaƱos! Mom!

 Here's a cupcake for you on your special day, chocolate, of course!

We love you and miss you, Mom. 
Have fun today!  You know we're with you in spirit.

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