Monday, December 20, 2010

Early Christmas Parades

There's been a couple early parades around town.  These are previews of the BIG parade of parades of the children on Christmas Eve.  We were at the Square just the other day and heard the music and the beginning of a crowd.  The kids were all waiting for the traffic to clear so they could proceed.

We were glad to have cameras so we can share some pictures.

These young ladies are leading off the parade in their school uniforms.

Lots more girls than boys.

A nice combo of traditional dress and Santa!

Little birdies!  In all colors.

Angels!  In all colors, too.
Precious little girls having fun.

This pretty angel has feathers on her wings.

Santa's helpers...(note the high heels).

Little cholas...a swirl of bright colors!

A Spanish theme, too.

A big truck pulled up the rear of the was decorated, too.  Here's the front...

Here's the back.

 Even though it was fairly early in the day, you can see the sun umbrellas and the hats in the crowd...intense blinding sun.

Another day we stumbled upon these school children in the Holiday Spirit.

All around town we're seeing kids in holiday outfits.
Really looking forward to the BIG parade on Christmas Eve!
(That one goes on for hours and hours.)

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  1. Nancy & Rich, This post is getting my excitement up. Can't wait for Christmas Eve, the best day of all the year in Cuenca!