Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Arts and Crafts and Doggie Update

Another fun Sunday with our friends Chuck and Nancy.  This Sunday our friends, Carol and George, joined us as we headed off to see what we could see at the Main Square.

We were all delighted to see a very fun art show of local crafts!

A picture of the motley crew. (minus Rich) can see we are all bundled up for the chilly day.  Rain clouds were looming, but we managed to stay dry and warm with all our layers.

A picture of the crowds...

Gorgeous fabrics.  Some had sequins and gold braid. 

Some nice embroidery, too.  These dresses would be fun at the beach!  Or, at least for warmer weather later.

Love the dolls!  Some of these are paper mache.

Hand painted faces with lots of eyelashes.

Crocheters -- check out the techniques on the skirt and purses...

Looks very familiar!  Some of you will remember Nancy made countless pairs of slippers and booties in similar patterns back in Oregon...

Beautiful guitars (good prices, too).

In case you're in Cuenca and want to visit the guitar shop.

Always food at events.  These black fruits are sugared (or honey?) figs.  Delicious!

Some of us had to pose next to the street entertainer in front of the New Cathedral.

Another fun Sunday!

A reader has asked about the doggies who live near to us.  All the puppies have gone to other homes, except for one.  He sure has grown!  Updated pictures of the family are below. 

You will remember the big white one is the Dad; black/white one is Mom; the slightly smaller white one is Junior!  He's a spittin' image of his Dad.
He's a little shy;  you can see him peeking over the wall with his big blue eyes.

All so friendly and sweet! 


  1. Superb pictures!!! We were there but your pix really showed the beauty of the craft exhibits.


    Lenny, thanks for the nice really captured the 'feel' of the Sunday in your video above.

  3. My favorites are the textiles (Fabric and embroidery).