Friday, July 15, 2011

Yarn and More Flowers

Our knitting/crocheting/weaving friends will appreciate this post!
Yes, there is yarn in Cuenca.  You can visit several shops along Av. G. Sangurima.  There is even a yarn shop right next door to the CA Kitchen at Av. Sangurima and P. Borrero.

We found this particular yarn shop at Av. Luis Cordero, between Gran Colombia and Simon Bolivar, headed to the Square, right hand side (walking from the CA Kitchen).  We didn't go in, so not sure of prices;  looks like some really good stash!

Window display showing variety....some acrylic, alpaca, wool, cotton...

Close-ups of some of the labels.

More bouquets to enjoy!

Pretty roses and baby's breath.

These were purchased from a vendor, out of her wheelburrow, at a recent outside art fair.  They are real flowers, but dried and dyed.  They shed some, but they are lovely!

Our artist/craft/kitty friends will enjoy our friend Sharon's new blog.  She and her husband Lenny have recently moved to Cuenca from Oregon. Sharon quilts! 

Sharon's blog

Lenny's blog is also wonderful!

Both blogs are fun, happy, hopeful and informative.  We really enjoy their stories.


This morning, the sun is shining and our sky is blue, blue, blue, with big puffy white clouds! 
Happy Friday to all and enjoy the weekend.

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  1. I will have to go find that place, just to be sure and buy the PASCO yarn.. that is the name of a town ajacent to our U.S. home town Richland, WA!