Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Neighborhood Construction and the River is Roaring

For those following the progress of the Edificio Terrazza across from us...This is the construction we've been watching from our porch, since we moved in a couple years ago.
It's been fairly quiet at the construction site for the last week or so..not much noise or activity that we can see.  Perhaps there are more workers elsewhere in the complex and we just don't see or hear them.

Here are some updated pictures to share:

This massive apt complex is as wide as our block and goes street to street.  We took the pictures in sections, going left to right, from our view.

You can kind of see the intersection near where the Coopera (great produce/meat market) is located across the river.  You can walk to the Feria Libre (largest people's market in Cuenca) down that main street, Av. Las Americas.

Middle section of Terrazza.

You can see the river rushing by in this view.

Our porch is 10 stories up so we look out on the top floor, unless we're standing at the windows looking down for a bird's eye view.

You can see our window boxes of flowers and the surrounding mountains.

Looking down on the river and the trees.

Edificio Amazonos construction across the street has been fairly quiet, too.  Another 10 story going up across the street from us.  You can see the Juliet-type balconies.


Our river has been roaring with all the recent rains.  No drought here!  Rain generally means power availability and greener areas with lots of flowers.  Yes, there are still occasional power outages, but probably not drought-related.  Outages could be related to street construction, water system maintenance or who knows. 

The more modern buildings may have a better chance of having a back-up generator for power, but the older buildings usually don't have back-up.  The power outages this year have usually been short and may have been announced in the buildings or in the newspapers, if they are planned.  Without power, most shops close down and your internet could be affected.

The raging rivers have brought some sad news...we have heard of some folks drowning in the rivers, this season.  A little child drowned when she was swept away while helping her Mom do laundry in the river.  A couple of young boys were rescued when they fell in while trying to fish with nets...So not safe.  Our hearts go out to the grieving families.

No neighborhood flooding that we can see, but the roar is almost deafening!  At river's edge, we could hardly hear ourselves think, let alone hear each other talk.

If you're in Cuenca, be careful out there!

Last night, there was a break in the storms...beautiful skies!

Check out the wall of fog coming over the mountains.  Very San Francisco!

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