Monday, July 18, 2011

Dragon's Blood

Note from Nancy...

Dragon's Blood, or Sangre de Drago in Spanish, is a powerful medicine from the jungle.  It's harvested from a tree and looks and acts just like blood! 

Used for a variety of ailments, both topically and internally, it's anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant. It can also heal wounds and it kills some kinds of bacteria, including the really bad one that causes ulcers.

I've had an itchy rash on the back of my hand for way too long. You know the kind of itch that can make you almost crazy?  Like that.

I've tried conventional creams, including the popular $1 itch cream that usually works on any kind of itch. The cream didn't help at all this time. 

I've tried several herbals and teas, different vitamins, apple cider vinegar, different food, coconut oil and more...Sometimes the changes worked some, but usually they didn't work for long. 

The recent conventional parasite drugs helped a little, but the rash didn't go away.
It might have begun when I used a different lotion and a different soap, so I changed to others.  I was beginning to think maybe it was just the 'heartbreak of psoriasis'.  Yeah, I could have gone to a dermotologist, but I'm stubborn and wanted to try to fix myself.  (You know how I am about most doctors...)

As we're so high up in the Andes, I even thought maybe it was a radiation burn...maybe from a combo of intense sun and a new lotion.  Along that theory, I ordered some emu oil from the US a few weeks ago, but it hadn't arrived yet (we couldn't find it here), because emu oil is supposed to be good for healing burns from radiation. 

One day, our friend Chuck suggested getting this Dragon's Blood.  We did.  We found it in a little shop off the Square that also sells other herbs and potions, as well as vitamins and conventional meds.  Just a couple bucks for a bottle (we got lots of change from a $5 bill).  You can get it in the US, too.

By golly, we think we're on to something with this blood!  No itch and the rash and inflammation are disappearing fast.

Dragon's Blood looks just like blood, would be good for a scary Halloween party.  It stains and it's messy and sticky, so if you try it, be careful.  It smells like a jungle, kind of like lots of damp plant growth, but the smell goes away quickly.

We went back and did a search on our friend Nancy's blog, remembering Chuck had written an entry about his trip to the jungle.  He learned all kinds of things, including more about the medicine plants.  You can re-visit here:

Thanks, Chuck, for reminding us about Sangre de Drago! 

After only a few days, the rash is almost gone!  The itch is totally gone!  Finally!


  1. Sounds like a winner. Reminds me of a Dr.Seuss poem - "The Rabbit, The Bear, And The Zinniga-Zanniga Tree".

  2. Can you tell me where the shop is that sells it and the other items you spoke about, I am not familar with "the square"? Thank you Susan

  3. Do you ingest it or just rub it on?

  4. Susan, thanks for the comment.
    The 'square' = the main square in Cuenca, Parque Calderon, in the heart of the City. There are several shops along the streets leading off the 'square', which carry Dragon's Blood. It seems to be fairly common. We've seen it in other areas of Cuenca, too.

    Lenny, I love that poem, too!