Monday, July 11, 2011

A Fun Visit to Paute and Countryside

Friends recently bought a new place in the Andes, so we had to go visit for a look-see.  We took a road trip out and began the visit at lunch in town.  Great soup at Corval's, right off the town's square.

We were surprised to see all the colorful artwork across the street from the restaurant had been white washed over...and re-done to black/white.

A few new colorful wall paintings further down the street...

Here are some pics of this old country property. 
Up the the old tree!

A cow, relaxing...

The old Adobe building is over 100 years old. Alot of history here.

Old bread oven and an adobe out-building.

Great light and wonderful old floor tiles.
LOTS of flowers!

The views are just gorgeous! 

A very peaceful, lovely and magical place, full of birdsong and flowers.

We are so excited for our friends' new adventure!

We'll be back, rain or shine!

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