Sunday, July 3, 2011

More Pictures

A little this and a little that...more pictures from our walks around town.  No theme, just fun.

LOTS of sweet treats for Corpus Christi celebrations.

The coconut balls are to die for!  The cookies were pretty good, too, especially with a hot cup of tea.

We didn't find any of our favorite donuts in all the booths; some of you will remember those delicious donuts we found one day in a bakery.  Good enough to make you swoon!  Those were chocolate and filled with a Boston Cream Pie-type filling...yum!  All other donuts pale in comparison, just our opinion.   It was easy to pass on the traditional ones.  Made us feel 'virtuous' (which is funny, as we stuffed ourselves trying out other goodies!)

In hindsight, it's probably a good thing we didn't find our favorite donuts. No refrigeration, that we could see,  in the booths and our sensitive tummies could have suffered from more than the sugar overload. 

For pictures of previous Corpus Christi celebrations, you can do a search on this and other blogs.  The sheer number of goodie booths are hard to wrap your heads around!  If you tried to sample all the goodies, you'd be royally sick or in a sugar coma. 

Last year, there were tons of bees going after the sugar, but this year, with more rain, not many swarming bees.  Seemed easier to get up close and personal to all the treats this year.

Here's a close-up of some of the treats that are favorites with the children.  We tasted these, and they are so sweet they set your teeth on edge. 

Should have gone with the chocolate brownies!  We could have pretended the dark chocolate was for 'medicinal and health reasons', right?

We like this sign on Calle Larga.  It prompted us to chat about our visits to San Diego.  Memories of good times with friends so long ago, but feels like yesterday.

Indian food on Calle Larga.  Rich ate lunch there one day and remembers liking the curry. 

One day at the Flower market, we saw this...  unattended.  Not sure why this bunch was just laying there outside the church.  No one seemed interested in it, but us.  We wondered about the story...

Also at the Flower Market, we tried to get a good picture of these shiny and fun balloon fish.

We love this picture...Mom and daughter at the Square, with skirts swinging!
The little girl was taking about 3 steps to Mom's 1, maybe headed to or from work at the flower market, or home for lunch?  Or, out for errands?  Both were headed some place in a hurry...

One day we spied this curious 'something'.  We thought it was a white figurine of some kind, but turned out to be paper trash.  Our imaginations were going wild there for a minute. 

Matt will remember how excited we all got at first!  And, then, how we had to laugh at our silliness.  We laughed and teased each other for a good block afterwards. 

From a recent Sunday walk with our friends, Chuck and Nancy...

The street above the river is under construction, as the workers are 'beautifying' this area.  Big plans for a cultural center. 

You can see no yellow tape or warning signs or cones around the dug-up streets...walkers beware!
There were some dicey areas of rough construction and large holes to trip over and into, if you weren't paying attention to your feet.  (We definitely were paying careful attention!)

It looks like the workers are trying to decide what color to paint the railings and the posts.  We think these are color swatches, not the final paint job....maybe.

Another view, with our friend, Nancy, and Rich, taking it all in. 

Today, we walked this route again, 2 weeks later, to check on the progress.  New streets! 

We guess the workers went for white for the railings...

Road work on Gran Colombia.
One day we took a road trip to Yungilla Valley and caught this cute RED birdie.  (Anyone know what kind of bird this is?)

Here's Fabian and Howard clowning around.
(Note Fabian's special umbrella behind the ear.)

New ride for friends! 

Construction, up to the 2nd floor, at the new River View apt building in our neighborhood.  Work is progressing at a good clip.

Here's a picture a few days later.

Another lovely house on Av Ordonez Lasso.  Just to show you there are more than big new apt buildings in our neighborhood!  Some of these estates have been in families for generations.

Beautiful gardens, too.

You can see we're still walking and enjoying the sights of our City and countryside.  Always something to see, enjoy and wonder about!

We celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary this week!  (Actually, we've been 'an item' for 30 years.)  Thanks to those who remembered....

Here is our anniversary cake, just delicious.

For those who know our tradition, yep, we re-upped for another year...

If you'd like to re-visit pictures of our wedding, you can see here:

Happy 4th of July!  Enjoy that barbeque and all the red/white/blue desserts!
We will be spending the 4th with friends here, too, and wearing our USA patriotic colors, too!


  1. Nancy, love your pics!! By the way, where did you get the chocolate cake for your anniversary? It looks delicious!! Sue

  2. Hola Sue!
    The special cake came from Oro Verde Hotel, near us. Part of their logo is on the box in the photo. The hotel has a good deli/coffee shop/bakery, if you're ever this way.
    The cake was so dee-lish! Chocolate with a truffle-type filling, can't beat it.

  3. Happy Anniversary! They roll around quickly. Here's to many more!

  4. The pretty little bird is a vermillion flycatcher.
    Thanks, Dorothy!