Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Calle Larga to the Square

On this walk, we began at the El Maiz restaurant on Calle Larga.  After lunch with friends, we headed back toward town.

Here is the fun sign outside the restaurant.

Headed toward Todos Santos, the Church still under renovation.  Lots of progress.  The construction fence is down and the re-painting is lovely.  (The Church is expected to be all done soon.)

Old windows are being restored, too.

A lovely, balmy day. 

Nice old building in the neighborhood.

The perfect day for an ice cream in the Square.

Walking toward SF Market, we spotted this poster.
Made us smile. 

Not sure, but maybe this is Halloween-related?

Awaiting the taxi home.

As Cuenca is gearing up for the big celebrations this week, we found it fun that the church bells in the neighborhood are playing 'Silent Night'!

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