Sunday, November 6, 2011

Walking This Holiday Week

We walked all over this City, enjoying the good weather and all the fun during this Holiday Week.  More fun pictures to share.  (Lots of pics, so we'll break the walking pics into a couple of posts.  Part 2 later.)

Here's a guy carrying a propane tank via bicycle.

A new smiley face.

Another Halloween decoration.  We thought it was an orange snowman at first.

Here's something you don't see much in the US any more...a phone booth.
Waiting for the next parade.
Some of the best fruit comes from the street vendors.
Almost done with this renovation.
Bread babies and colada morada for sale everywhere.
A beautiful horse!
A couple shots of the Mayor's Office at night.
More beautiful sunsets!

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  1. That smiley face is one of the tax offices here.