Sunday, November 6, 2011

Walking This Holiday Week, part 2

Sometimes you see the most interesting things on foot.  At least it's interesting to us!
Never a dull moment.  Here's Part 2 of our Holiday Week walks.  (Clearing the camera, as we head on out.)

Street food!

Chocolate covered 'something', maybe fruit, with bits of marshmellow on top.  And, candied apples, of course.

Cotton candy, another big hit with the children.

Ice cream.
Cooking outside, all sorts of good-smelling stuff.

Fresh fruit treats.

Early morning at San Sabastian.

Looking down Av Mariscal Sucre.

We checked in on the old building we'd been hoping someone would save. 


Setting up at the Flower Market. 

The quiet before the hordes of humanity, headed to the Square.

Flags flying in the breeze.

Folks playing in the river.

School kids at the Square.

Always fun to catch up with friends!

A restaurant on the river.  'Brujas' translates to 'Witches'.

Toasting Cuenca!

Early morning walks during this Holiday Week felt like a Sunday...quiet.  The best time to walk before the heat set in and the bright sun blinded us.
Many of the streets were already blocked to traffic, so the air was fresh with a little bite of chill.  The skies were so beautiful! 
We love to watch Cuenca wake-up and get ready for the day!

As the days unfolded, we often found more interesting sights, like all this street entertainment:

Outside the New Cathedral
We're looking forward to getting back to our traditional Sunday morning walks with the Watsons, too.  They are almost home and we're counting the days. 

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