Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cuenca's Independence Day, 2011

Cuenca turns the respectable age of 191 this year, and she's still looking good!

She sure knows how to party!

The offical day for Cuenca's Independence is Nov 3, but this City has been celebrating all week.  It's one of the busiest weeks here in Cuenca. 

We heard all flights to Cuenca, as well as to some other areas in Ecuador , have been sold out.  All of Ecuador celebrates this week, and officials are expecting as many as 60,000 visitors in the Country.  Most hotels are sold out, too.

Of course, Cuenca celebrates with parades!  These are some fun pictures from a day we caught a parade at the Square. 

It was warm, very sunny and bright (enough to feel blinded, even with good sunglasses and hats), crowded, ear-blasting loud and so much fun!

Swirls of colors...

We met the most adorable children in the Square. 

They were handing out flags.

More little cute!

 Kids in their school uniforms lined the parade route.  It seemed every school in Cuenca was represented in this parade, too.

Nancy and Barbara enjoying a break...

Another break. We had to share this not-too-good pic.  Note the Coquita look-alike doggie enjoying an ice cream in the background.

The City rocks with our favorite tune, 'Chola Cuencana'!

VIVA Cuenca!

More fun activities in the next posts.


  1. Thanks for another great post. Although we were only able to spend 2 weeks in Cuenca this past August your post makes me feel "homesick for Cuenca" Sure hope we can make it our home someday!

  2. Glad you're enjoying our posts, thanks.
    Hurry back!