Wednesday, November 2, 2011

All Soul's Day 2011

Nov 2 is the official All Soul's Day, but we visited the cemetery a day early to avoid the crowds.  Over the week, officials were expecting about 100,000 people to visit the cemetery!  (For previous All Soul's Day events,  you can do a search on this blog.)

This year, we saw more of the lovely grounds and areas we hadn't seen last time.

Vendors lined the streets to sell the traditional drink and bread babies, as well as other street food. 

Flower shops were also doing a brisk business.

We followed a funeral procession into the cemetery.

Families were cleaning sites and adding fresh flowers.

It's easy to find the family plots with new signage and directions.  You will recognize many of these family names here in Cuenca.

There is a small area with older plots, as well as a small Jewish area. 

We didn't notice these areas when we visited last time.

Here is the memorial for the Ecuadorians who were lost at sea.  They were headed to the US. All perished.

We'll leave you with these pictures.

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