Friday, November 4, 2011

Art Shows

During the Independence week of celebrations, there are many, many art displays around Cuenca.
One can't possibly attend them all, there are so many!  But, we attended several.  A wide variety of art...paintings, jewelry, handicrafts, sculptures and more.

The Peruvian booths.

We love all the colors.


It was fun to see the beautiful necklaces from Saraguro again.

Art at Mother's Park. 

More art at La Esquina.

Nancy 'almost' bought this one!  So beautiful!

A favorite.

Poster at the Square.

Rox, we found the flowers for you!  The same wheelbarrow vendor from last year was selling out quickly. 

We bought the last 2 bouquets for you.

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  1. Great pix. For shopping we enjoyed the Peruvian booths the best. Thank goodness I ran out of money before I got the the end of the booth or I would have purchased every Alpaca sweater there.