Thursday, November 10, 2011

Av Gran Colombia

We've posted pictures of this street before, but there is always something that gets our attention.  We walk this path often.

Gran Colombia begins at our end of town (west), at the roundabout at Av de las Americas, another busy thoroughfare. 

If you cross the roundabout coming from Town, probably the most dangerous intersection in Cuenca if you're on foot!, Gran Colombia becomes Av Ordonez Lasso, back in our neighborhood. 

If you start the walk from Lasso, as we often do,  consider taking a taxi or a bus for a couple blocks to avoid hoofing across the roundabout.  Stay safe!  Even Sundays, lately, the traffic has been nuts.  Cars wait for no one.

This roundabout is the area that will begin construction soon.  The project is now expected to begin later this year.  It's at least a year long project.  We're hoping once it's completed, crossing this street will be alot safer.  Side streets (including ours) in the area are now being all fixed up to make it easier for re-routing traffic.

Note the price of gas.  This sign is painted, hasn't changed as long as we've been here, going on 3 years. 

Early morning view about half way to downtown.  Worth crossing the roundabout to get to this quiet!

Back on G Colombia and walking toward Town, we passed the Cuadras where we stayed when we first got here.  This is construction right in front of the Cuadras complex.  Progressing just fine.
Another view.

Gran Colombia is long and will take you all the way to downtown (deadends into H Capac).

We passed some interesting-to-us sites. 

A clothing shop with an American flag!

A upscale chocolate shop.

One of our favorite restaurants owned by an old family here in Cuenca.

A Mom was teaching her child how to feed the pigeons at Santo Domingo Plaza.  They were throwing rice.
 The little girl didn't know what to make of all the birds!

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