Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Another Black Witch Moth!

Back a few months ago, we posted a picture and blogged about a beautiful Black Witch Moth we found in our bedroom.  Well, we found another one, this time in our living room.

Being a night moth, it decided to rest for the day on a shawl, probably trying to blend into the dark fabric for protection.
It's about 6 inches across from the tips of the wings.

It had come in through an open window the night before.  Looked just like a bat as it flew around the room.

We carefully helped it back out the window later.  What a beauty!

At the coast one visit, we almost stepped on one as it was trying to hide on the dark wood floors in Bob and Rox's guest room.  That one was huge!  At the time, we thought Black Witch Moths were so exotic!  But, we've learned that they are common in the US, too, especially in the southern border states and down into Mexico.

Who would have thought...

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