Monday, December 19, 2011

Another Christmas Parade

We always have a fun time with Chuck and Nancy on our Sunday adventures!

Starting the morning at the Kookaburra Cafe, we had to stop for breakfast to visit with Chris and Jenny one-more-time this year.  The Kook will be closed for the holidays, re-opening Jan 5.

On to the we met new friends, Myrna and David.

We passed this sign on the way, so have to add it for all the Hello Kitty fans.  She seems to be everywhere lately!

Then on to San Blas for ice cream!  MIXX has some unusual flavors...but we settled for banana split and pistachio flavors, both really good.

Other treats at MIXX... looks yummy.

Mass was still in session at the Church, but a parade was staging! 

Here's our little Senorita up on the horse and ready to go.

Always fun to see the children in their holiday outfits.  Moms were getting them ready.

Fixing an angel's earrings.

This cute little boy is eating a snack from one of the street cooks.  Thin, sweet, deep fried pastry.

One more little angel headed to the parade.

Carrying Baby Jesus.

Love the clowns who were directing traffic.

Our Senorita joins the parade route (on the right)

Another fun Sunday!

There is something special about never know what you're gonna see!

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  1. Once again many thanks for the opportunity to glimpse my lovely offspring, Jen and Chris without them knowing I'm spying from afar..
    Best wishes for the season to you both. Robyn and my Reluctant Traveller, Stan.