Friday, December 30, 2011

Coast Visit! Part 2

More pics of our most excellent visit to the Coast.

We have a soft spot for iguanas, well, for all animals.  Can you imagine seeing iguanas on your property?  This little guy is pretty curious.

It happens all the time at Bob and Rox's.

Meet Lorraine, the resident parrot.  You wonder what's going on in her head as she runs through all her sounds and words.

La Fragata!  (frigate bird)

Lovely gardens.

Fish were running pretty good.

 Guys were hauling in the catch.

The Casa Blanca!

Kids playing in the surf.

Shell and Marsha's new home.  What a staircase!

Agripina came to visit.

She brought these delicious corn cakes for breakfast.

Best buds having a chat.

Fire in the sky.

A fishing village up the road with good lunch.

Orange car, orange shirt.  All color-coordinated for the birthday and lookin' great!

Part 3 is next.

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