Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Eve -- The Parade of Children

The Parade of Children, Pase del Nino (Passing of the Child),  happens each Christmas Eve in Cuenca.  It's the big event many of us wait for each year! 

About 50,000 children, all in holiday outfits, fill the streets of the City.  The Parade goes on for hours, so each child can participate.  With almost 200,000 spectators, it's a huge, fun event!

You really need to be here in person to really experience all the swirls of colors, excitement, music and crowds.  Between the 2 of us, we took about a zillion pics!  Some good, some not so much, but these should give you a feel...We smiled the whole day!

This year, we got an early start again and headed out to see the staging areas.  Decorated trucks and cars of various sizes lined the streets. 

Lots of horses, too.

 We walked along Av Gran Colombia and folks were finishing the decorations and vendors were setting up.

As we walked toward San Sabastian, children were headed in the opposite direction toward their positions on all the vehicles.

As we have many fun pics to share,  part 2 is next.

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