Monday, December 12, 2011

Getting Ready

More pictures of our walks around town.  We are so happy to share Sunday walks with our friends, Chuck and Nancy again, too.

To begin this post, pictures of our street, all done!  The workers finally finished the street repairs.  Brand new blacktop!

As the street 'cured', it was all blocked off to traffic.

(That's Edificio Amazonas on the left, Edificio Los Pinos on the right, looking toward the river.)

Other side streets are getting new blacktop, too, and sidewalks are being repaired.  Getting ready for the diverted traffic while the big roundabout is being updated.  (We hear that construction project will begin VERY soon, but after Christmas.)

On a recent walk around our neighborhood, we were stunned by the progress on the new River View apts!  Buildings sure go up fast here.

55% already sold.

River View is right next to the building next door, just a bit of sky between.

Another downtown shot.

One day last week we were at the Broken Bridge area again.  Workers were taking a break for lunch, but their job for the afternoon looked like it was all staged and ready to go, crane and all.

Not exactly sure what we saw, but looks alot like Christmas decorations going up!  We'll have to go back and see the finished work later.

Last year there were many lighted decorations along the river...those are going up again for this year, too.
(You can see the flower lights in the background.)  Getting ready for Christmas!

This little girl is saying:  Too hot and I'm tired, Mommy!  On this day, we knew exactly how she felt. 

We headed home for a nap, too.

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