Thursday, December 15, 2011

Pre-Christmas Fun

We headed out fairly early this day, thinking we could get a walk in before the sun blasted us back home.  We like to try to avoid the downpours in the afternoons, too, if we can.

Here's a picture of the church dome at San Sebastian temps, clearing skies...

We made it to the Square, walking on the shady side of the streets.  The Christmas Tree is UP!

Only in Cuenca!

You're looking at unique decorations representing our City ...shawls, baskets, spinning wool, hats, clothes...


After a coffee break, we headed up to Av Munoz and the Maria Auxiliadora Plaza.
Fun crocheted sweaters with kitty buttons in a shop on the way.

We found loud Christmas music and several booths with holiday goodies for sale.

We've posted pictures of this Church before at this Plaza, modern, still pretty.

We peeked through the Church gates and a private ceremony was in process.  We'll have to come back on a Sunday.

Fascinating history of this area.  Padre Crespi was a well-loved priest and a huge statue of him is in the Plaza.

Here's a close-up of the plaque at the foot of the statue.  He lived a good long life.

Christmas Parades have begun!  Here are some fun pictures.

Check out the Coquita look-alike doggie.
The young lady carrying her is dressed in a traditional outfit from Otavalo.

Hot, bright sun.

Santa and his helpers are here!

 Lots of Santa hats.

Lovely Senoritas on horseback.

Lots of horses, too.

Here's an adorable little angel, minus her wings. We met her and the family at the Square one day with Chuck and Nancy.
A family member is carrying her gold wings, off camera.

Many of the children are already wearing their special holiday outfits. 

We're all getting excited for the Big Parade of the Children on Christmas Eve!  That one goes on for hours.

We love all these preview parades!

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