Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Summer in December

We are still adusting to the upside down seasons here in South America.

Christmas time is supposed to be snowy and cold!  That's how it used to be for us in the US.  Of course, it didn't snow in San Francisco, but it sure did in Oregon.  We were so grateful for the fireplace and central heat, extra-warm jackets and wool mitts, sox and hats in those days.  Not so grateful for the heating bills! 

Here are recent pictures of Cuenca.  This is what our City looks like this time of year!
 No snow, blue skies.

One this day, it rained a bit in the afternoon, but we're getting pretty used to the weather patterns...

No matter what time we head on out, there is always a hat and umbrella in the shopping bag.  Rain can hit pretty fast and pretty hard.  It is true that we can experience a wide swing in temps and sun/rain in just a few minutes.  At this time of year here, you usually start out the day in sunshine and cool, brisk temps, then sun gets too bright, intense and hot, then the temps cool down and you're caught in a downpour.  Best to dress in layers and carry that umbrella!

If you go back to the very beginning of our blog, there is a picture we took at our ranch in Oregon the winter right before we first visited Ecuador.  Pretty, but we're not missing shoveling that snow!  Seems so long ago...another lifetime.

OK, we admit we do sometimes miss the distinct seasons...BUT, weather here sure is easier on our old bones.

Happy Solstice!  Officially the beginning of summer here in the southern hemisphere.
We're getting ready to really enjoy those even warmer temps.  We'll be heading to the Coast soon to help celebrate Brother Bob's Happy Birthday!  (He'll be 39 again and doesn't look a day older.) 
Bob and Rox's Children's Christmas Party at the Coast is still needing a little dough...if you haven't already, you can contribute to this wonderful event by going here:

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