Thursday, February 16, 2012

Zapatos! Shoes for the Ladies

Nancy has been taking pictures of shoes for the Ladies. 

For those who think there are no good shoes here, think again!

All styles (and prices) here in Cuenca.  Everything from very high heels to boots to flats to tennis shoes to sandals. 

Most sizes are for the smaller feet, but sometimes you can find larger sizes, but you have to really look.  Shoes are custom-made in Ecuador, imported from Europe, China, US, Brazil and more.  Lots of choices.

Here are some of the coolest zapatos!  Amazing, but most not so good for 'hoofing' the streets of Cuenca. 

We'll never know how ladies can navigate the streets in high heels.

Ladies, you'll want to go for the practical styles on the streets of Cuenca,
for safety's sake. 

Flats are are more cute ones.
You can always find patterned stockings to complete the look, too.
Happy Shopping!


Nancy's walking shoes of choice are Sketchers. 
You can find them here (keep looking for the bigger sizes), but they are spendy with import taxes.
The shoes in the first picture were bought here in Cuenca and were almost $80!
The 2nd pair was bought in the US...about $40 or so.
You can probably find better deals, but figure about double the price if you buy here.

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  1. Thanks for posting about shoes. I love shoes. I left most of my shoes in the states.