Thursday, February 16, 2012

St Valentine's Day and More

We walked some more this week with more pictures to share.

Lovely light fixtures.

Took a break and enjoyed these works of art!

Salmon!  This was a first:  The server asked how we wanted the fish cooked.  Medium turned out almost sushi.  Hmmmm...but nice presentation.
More fun street art.

One day we walked along the river.  This stretch is right across the street from the Military Hospital, Medical History Museum and our Adobe rental apt. 

Valentine's Day celebrations (in the super commercial sense) are fairly new to Cuenca.  Lots of things to buy for your Sweetheart, all over the City.
This enterprising young man was selling his balloon for a $1...
Road work continues.

The round-about work closed the entry to our SuperMaxi. Empty parking lot.

Progress on the new building in front of La Cuadra complex.  View from Av. LaMar.

Fun Carnaval outfits!
This shop also sells the colored foam that the kids love to spray on each other. 

More Carnaval celebrations later.


  1. Rich & Nancy, I thought it was funny that the Valentine balloons that they were selling on the street said "I Love You" instead of "Te Amo" I guess some enterprising person brought some back from the States. Sue Woods

  2. Hi Sue, actually, we saw both English and Spanish balloons all over town. Probably more Spanish.