Saturday, February 11, 2012

Lots of Walking

We found ourselves walking all over our City this week.  We had several appointments downtown and it's always good for us to head out early enough to to walk!

We began most mornings in our neighborhood.

Checked on the road construction again at the round-about. 

Impressive progress!

Headed up to Av LeMar, a nice woman's shop with an N for all the Nancy's and Nicole's...

Looking back toward the construction and SuperMaxi...looks like a parking lot where all the workers' vehicles are.  A good use of space since the street is closed.

 New street art/scribbles at the Square.

A vendor selling fun toys. Wind them up and they dance!

One day, several police with riot shields were waiting for a bus to somewhere.
Didn't seem to be related to a political/protest march we'd seen earlier at the Square.

River is UP and flowing at a pretty good clip.

We were usually headed somewhere, but we did pass some time on a bench at the Square.

Heavy backpacks on these school girls.

Watched the birds...

It's peach season!  You can buy right out of the wheelbarrow...but be sure to wash good before eating.

Headed up to Calle Larga.

Ice Cream!

A juice and fruit vendor.

Hello Kitty is still in Cuenca.

Back to the Square area...vendors are out selling for Valentine's Day.

Valentine sweets.

More sweet treats for sale at the Square.

We made friends with this group one day and they all wanted to pose for the camera.  Nice young men.

Blue on blue.

Lovely flowers at the CA Kitchen.

Fun, crystal jewelry.

Passed a wedding shop.

Pretty dresses.

Another shop with a window of purple.

More flowers in the neighborhood.

Yes, all is right in our world here in Cuenca.

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