Sunday, February 19, 2012

Update on the Round-About and Weather Report

This post is not only for those who have been watching the construction progress along with us, but also for the Watsons, our walking partners.  Chuck and Nancy are traveling, so we thought we'd post the latest progress for them.

Major progress!  Not a day of rest for the continues around the clock.

Our SuperMaxi will be open again next week, according to this sign.

Looking forward to walking again with the Watsons soon!

Some of our readers have asked about the weather here...

Our weather lately has run the gamut, but it's been mostly cold.  We saw our breath on the porch early this morning.

Typical days lately run like this:  chilly in the morning, then sunny and warm with blistering, intense sun, then cooler with afternoon rains, then downright cold at night.  We've had some heavy downpours, complete with loud thunder and lightening.  Weather can change suddenly.  One minute it's too hot, then the next minute it's clouding over with heavy rain.  After the deluge, the sun is back.  It's always wise to carry an umbrella or rain hat at all times.  It doesn't snow in Cuenca, but sometimes it sure feels like it might!

If you are coming to Cuenca, pack layers, so you can peel off or add as the weather changes.  You can buy warm blankets, wool sox, sweaters and umbrellas in the markets if you forget to pack them.  Heaters in apartments, hotels, houses and most buildings are not common.  If there is heat, it will be a fireplace or space heater, no central heat.

In other parts of Ecuador, you will find warmer weather, but not in Cuenca.  Generally, the lower the altitude, the warmer the weather.  (Cuenca is at 8300 ft, Quito is at 9500 ft.)  The higher the altitude, the colder it is.  Just because we're at the equator, doesn't mean all of Ecuador is tropical and hot and steamy!

Cuenca doesn't have much humidity, but you will find humid weather in some parts of the Coast and the jungle areas.

Hope this helps as folks pack and plan for their visit.

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