Thursday, February 9, 2012

New Sculpture at Plaza Del Vado

Some of our readers may remember earlier posts as we reported on the progress of this plaza renovation.  It's located overlooking the Tomebamba river and has one of the historic crosses... one with a lovely canopy. 

This barrio is under renovation and is becoming a cultural center area.  Lots of updating for the old buildings and the plaza itself, as well as some of the old connecting streets.  All really improved and very nice.

Last Sunday, during our walk with Chuck and Nancy, we decided to check out the progress.  We were all surprised and delighted! to see a new sculpture in the plaza!  It's really worth a visit...we plan to return, too. 

We think it's depicting an old traditional game...climbing the greasy pole.  No plaque or explanation we could find, but we think information will be added later.

Congratulations Cuenca!  Another project to beautify our City. 

A closer shot of some street art in the neighborhood (and an old building to be restored).


Also, on our walk, we met the cutest baby beagle in one of the shops!

Cute little fluffy kittens, too.

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