Friday, February 3, 2012

Mary, South of Zero, Visits Cuenca

We were absolutely delighted to finally meet the award-winning blogger, Mary, of South of Zero. 

She, with help from husband, Steve, puts out a daily summary of many blogs on Ecuador.  We always start the day by checking in on her blog to see what everyone is up to.
(Link to SOZ is on the right hand side of this page.)

We're sure hundreds of folks follow Mary's blog, from those who are looking at Ecuador to visit or move to, as well as those of us who are already here.  She provides such a great service to us all.

Thank you, Mary!  We're looking forward to welcoming you back to Ecuador, next time with Steve,  in the very near future!

(Picture of Mary with another award-winner.  Juan Carlos is the talented chef at Tiestos.)


 Mary joined us on our traditional Sunday walk with Chuck and Nancy.

We are including some fun pictures of yet more holiday parades! On Sunday, there were several in progress.

We never tire of all the colors, the decorated horses and vehicles and all the darling children. 

It was fun to share a couple parades with Mary.  Always fun to see Cuenca through a visitor's eyes.

On stilts.

Santa's Helpers are still here in Cuenca.

The hard-working street workers that usually follow each parade.


We are beginning to see the beginnings of the Carnaval season.  Our Christmas season will be rolling right into the Carnaval parades and celebrations soon.

Fun costumes in the shops.

Carnaval means water!  We're already seeing the kids getting their water games careful out there!  Everyone is a target.  No fun getting drenched in chilly weather.


 Safe, happy travels to Mary, we'll see you back here in Cuenca soon!

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