Thursday, February 9, 2012

Another Poem by Magdalena

We are delighted that our friend and gifted writer, Magdalena, has given us permission to share a few more of her poems.  We think you will enjoy her interesting perspective on life as much as we do! 

(For more of her writings and her bio, you can do a search on this blog.)


An Adagio de Uzhupud

Not sure what exactly an adagio is

However slowly, but inside

I know an adagio is a tarantula

That shows up in the morning hours

casting a slow movement,

while my eyes barely adjust

still packed from the night before

with toxins.

When the tarantula hides its shadows

On the forest green door of our bedroom

He, who plays the ups and downs on the piano

jumps naked out of bed,

dances with the tarantula in a glass,

And screams at me to open the door

to cast it towards the Andes.

The ten centimeter creature

sends icicles down my spine

as well as the black moth

that shimmers in the late afternoon

on the horsehair braid of his fedora.

The moth and the tarantula, Amorphous,

May want to stroke my feet, my Achilles heel

or perhaps slowly crawl up my calves,

ever so lightly.

The following morning I want to go home

but instead I stay and listen to the cock

And wait for the horses’ pungent

smells of dung to waft into my nostrils.

At the mercado I cannot take my eyes off

The dark, deep red waxy flowers

With tarantula-like tentacles,

La flor de Jamaica,

stands up stiff as the woman

gestures towards her kidneys:

It will cleanse e-coli, parasites,

erase hypertension,

and even promote soft stools.

For a moment I forget to take a breath.

Slowly, very slowly I can make out

the sounds of an adagio de Uzhupud.


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