Tuesday, November 2, 2010

All Soul's Day 2010

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2nd of Nov. is All Soul's Day here in Ecuador.
It's a day of remembrance and honor for the dearly departed.  Families clean grave sites and lay fresh flowers.  Some families bring their priests for services at the cemetery.  We didn't make a visit to the cemetery this year, but you can read about last year's visit by searching this blog.   

The picture above was taken on one of our recent walks. 
It's showing handmade decorations for sale for the grave sites. 

All over town we saw big vats of the special red drink for sale.   Every bakery (including the one at Supermaxi, the small tiendas and many wheelbarrow vendors) we passed offered the decorated guaguas de pan. 
These are bread babies, pronounced waa-waas, the Quechua word for 'babies'.  You can see a picture of 'our' baby, by going back to our entry of last year.
Each batch is decorated differently, depending on the baker's talents. 
Each guagua has its own personality!  Last year, we kept our guagua several days on display in the kitchen, just to enjoy her cuteness.

We'll be posting all about Cuenca's Independence Day soon...
It's tomorrow, 3 Nov.!!

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  1. Looking forward to hearing all about the Independence Day celebrations! Your photos are superb! I really enjoy them. xoxox