Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fast, Fun Visit with Bob, Rox and Coquita

Our family from the Coast came to visit this past week.  Always a bunch of fun!

They stayed with us which is always a treat.  We chatted ALOT, beginning in the early morning and still chatting often into the late night, solving all the world's problems...we ate a ton of ice cream, too  (when Bob and Rox are on vacation, we are as well!)  We were also able to take care of business:  personal, business and family.

But, besides catching up on news and friends and assorted business, the primary reason for the trip/visit to Cuenca was more shopping!  Bob and Rox shopped til they dropped for the Kids' Christmas Party at the Coast.  More toys, candy, animal crackers for the children!  Lots more selection here in Cuenca than at the coast and better prices, too.

Be sure to check out Bob and Rox's blog for more pics and info:

And, be sure to read more about the upcoming Christmas Party for the Children.  Bob and Rox could use more donations for this event, so if you'd like to contribute, it's easy through their Paypal account.

This year's event will be the 3rd annual fiesta with Papa Noel!  Each year gets bigger and more children get more gifts, including much needed school supplies.  This year they are expecting about 200 children, so each contribution ensures less children are turned away.  Bob and Rox still need more money for the Party's lunch food/drink,  the photographs of each child for the parents (a rarity in their community as cameras are scarce) and more school supplies.  The Party is one of those events that guarantees smiles and fun for the kids...and each donation goes directly to the Party budget, with no middlemen and no 'overhead/administation' costs (as some groups budget for when they fund raise).  The Kids Party is one of our favorite grassroot events and we hope you will contribute, too.  Every little bit helps.

The visit wasn't all shopping and business though.  We cooked...

...we ate!  Bob is cooking his famous steaks!


We also visited with friends.  Here are Patty and Michael, also on a fast visit through from Houston.

The visit was way too short and Bob, Rox and Coquita headed out, in beach attire!, back home yesterday.  Rich and Bob managed to get most everything in the car and tied the extras on the roof. 

Here are pics of Rich's special  knots...

Rox and Nancy watched all the loading/tying activity from the porch...a bird's eye view to the street, from 10 stories up.

We hoped for good, driving weather for them through the Cajas.  Here are early morning shots off the porch as we checked out the sky and kept our fingers crossed for an uneventful trip.

Poor, worried and concerned Coquita!  We think she was afraid of being left behind (fat chance!). She watched all the bags leaving the apt. 

Another view from our porch as Bob, Rox and Coquita get ready to leave.

Bob, Rox and Coquita arrived back home on the Coast, right on schedule.  No rain for them in the Cajas, even though we got quite the storm here, complete with thunder and lightening.  What a show!

Another fun time...always fun to visit and catch up on the news and we always enjoy a little touch of family.

Hurry back, you 3! 
You know you're always welcome.

Another pic of sweet little Coquita with her Mom.

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