Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Looking UP and USA Thanksgiving Greetings

As we walk around town, we try to remember to look UP to really enjoy the sights of our City. 

Sometimes hard to do, as we're usually looking DOWN to avoid all the cobblestone hazards.  But, we've learned to just STOP, look UP and around, then go on forward, watching our feet. 

We think we've just about memorized all the cobblestone, pitfalls and holes from here to downtown, but you never know when there will be new 'falling opportunities'. 

These first 2 pictures were taken at the Square.

The next 3 are also at the Square.

Lots of communication equipment.

Tree tops and a storm coming in.

Looking UP at one of the entrances to the New Cathedral.  Beautiful details.

This picture is near the Cuadras apts (where we first stayed when we arrived in Cuenca -- you can see the buildings in the background).  Taxi is a liquor store.

Looking UP a lightwell with interesting grill work.

Blue sky!

These next 2 pictures were taken from friends' 4th floor apt.  You can see the decorations and crosses on the tops of the buildings.

Some folks who have bought apts in this building have requested updated pictures of the construction. 

Here's a recent picture of the Terrazza building across the way, taken from our porch.  (We're 10 stories UP).  You can see some decorative stonework (white blocks).  At one point, there were a couple more colorful, almost mosiac decorations on the first floors, but those have all been replaced with the more simple white ones.
Not sure why, maybe the previous ones were more time-intensive or there was some other problem. 

Still looks nice, but we like the previous ones better!

Next walk along the river, we'll try to remember to take the camera for some river shots.

More UP pics as we explore new neighborhoods...

This is one of the 4 crosses of Cuenca (we think the crosses marked the boundaries of the City at one time).
You can see the 'chandelier' over this cross!

A real mix of building styles...
Below you will also see a curious ad display mounted on the front of a building...looks almost 3D.
The church top, with the statue holding the rosary, is one of our favories.

3 very cute doggies watching us.


To our USA friends and family,

Happy Thanksgiving!

We are remembering past Thanksgiving feasts with friends and family over the years....
Such fun with you all!  Way too much delicious food, too.   We're remembering Nancy's Mom's special gravy and stuffing (The Hamm family will remember the jello fiasco!).  Nancy's Dad carving the bird and sharing little tastes along the way...  We remember Rich's Mom's pecan pies!  Brother Jim and family...thanks for all the many, many nice Thanksgiving memories, too.

We still laugh with the memories of the zany, crazy conversations at Bob and Rox's spectacular Thanksgiving feasts in Oregon. Ruth, our mouths still water at the memory of your fruit salads...
We also remember the seasonal visits and fun with neighbors, Big Jim and Shirley, Lorie and her Mom, and the beautiful colored trees at the ranch! 
Thanks, Everyone, for all the happy memories of past Thanksgivings (even the ones not included here).
We will always treasure these memories.

Thanksgiving 2010 will find us with our friends, who have become our family here in Ecuador, at a feast at one of our favorite restaurants.  We will be sharing some photos later.  We're sure we'll have a wonderful time! 

As we're grateful and thankful for our new friends here in Cuenca, we're just as grateful and thankful for our friends and family back in the US.  We count all of our blessings each day, including all of you! 
Happy Thanksgiving to all across the miles! 

PS -- Remember the 'gobble gobble' song?  It's here, from last year's Thanksgiving post. 
A little fun to cook by...

or, direct:


Love to all,
Rich and Nancy

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