Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Watsons Are Back!

We are so happy Chuck and Nancy got back *home*, safe and sound. 
We sure have missed them!  But, we know they had a great time on the 'hugging tour', across the USA.

Here are some fun pictures...

Happy Birthday, Nancy!  An impromptu celebration, complete with tiaras for the gals.
Nancy, the birthday girl, is wearing a crown with blue feathers and a 'jewel' in the center.  The 2 attending birthday-gals-in-waiting (Nancy and Barbara) are wearing crowns with little twirl-y flowers.  Fun!

Since we were in town for dinner, we thought we'd stroll by the Parque to catch the outside concert.  We missed the 1812 Overture (complete with real cannons and fireworks!), but the music was still going strong.  Lots of folks in the Square, a family event.  The New Cathedral was all lit up in colored lights, pretty!

After the concert, we went back to the (same) restaurant and had dessert...a good plan since there were no taxis available around the Square until the crowds thinned out later.

Picture (not so good) of the huge stage and symphony.  The stage was erected just for this evening's performance; all down and gone by the next day.

We walked/bussed/walked to town Sunday for breakfast...so nice to have our Sunday walking/talking partners back! 

Stopped in at the Kook for breakfast...

Jenny with (the other) Rich and Ella in the kitchen.  Busy Sunday.
All's right with the world.

Audrey (Chuck's sister) and Jim are back, too!  This is their 4th trip to Cuenca, and they have arrived to help us celebrate this week. 
(This picture was taken on the walking bridge over the river.  You can see the river is way down...)

This week is a whole week of LOTS of activities, fun and excitement, as we celebrate  here in Cuenca.

So happy the Watsons are *home* safely and the Stephens have returned again this year.
Always more fun with friends.

Stay tuned for more recaps of this week's fun.

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