Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Arts and Crafts

(2nd post today...catching up!)

As we gear up for Cuenca's Independence Day 3 Nov,  we've been out and about busy exploring some of the arts/crafts around town.  Lots more exploring to still do, too.

Audrey (Chuck's sister) and Jim joined us at the look/see/buy! Here are some pictures.  Lots to choose from.  We liked many with an Ecuadorian theme. 

Jim is modeling his new alpaca scarf.
The  very cute vendor next to him is from Otavalo.

Another vendor in traditional dress.  Nancy bought some beautiful scarves from her.

Here's Nancy tryng to decide on a wrap...  maybe a purchase later.

Craft fairs have a party atmosphere.  A very cute doggie all dressed up for the fun.

Several vendors were crafting at the fair.  These weaving hombres are from Peru.  We also saw some knitters and crocheters and jewelry crafters.
Couldn't resist taking this adorable picture!  Her face painting was precious!

Always fun to run  into friends on the street, too.  Here's Randy headed to the broken bridge fair.

We're looking forward to seeing more art/crafts later today and throughout the week of celebration.

This morning the church bells rang much more than usual.  It's All Soul's Day. 
We'll report more later.


  1. Great photos, Rich and Nancy! So colorful. Looks like a fun day. Some day soon we hope to be there!


  2. Hi Rich & Nancy

    Looks like a fun Sunday! I love all the crafts and paintings. Beautiful and colorful... How fun! Glad to see you're enjoying yourselves.

  3. How exciting! All Souls Day...that brings back memories of my childhood elementary school classes in Catholic School. We loved All Saints Day & All Souls Day because we got the days off from school after Halloween!

    Thank you, Rich & Nancy,for the photos and the (ancient)memories of my childhood!... ;-)LOL