Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pottery and More Flowers for Ruth

Some of our readers have asked for more pics of Artesa and Vega pottery.  Also, check out the link to Artesa on the sidebar for more patterns and pictures and you can do a search on this blog for more.
 Ruth, there are more flower pictures for you, too!


The fish pattern.


Flowers for Ruth!

The wall plate is also Vega... Frigata birds!

The white lilies smell like stargazers...reminds us of San Francisco, where we always had the sweet scent of stargazers in our apt there.  The orange ones don't have much of a scent.

2 sizes of birds of paradise.  The big ones are gigantic!
Baby's Breath, just like in the US.

All of these flowers came from our favorite flower market off the main square.
This week's bouquets...


Bob, Rox and Coquita are here in Cuenca this week.  We'll be recapping their very fun visit soon.
In the meantime, go to their blog for the news.  They are reporting as we go.


  1. Beutiful floral arangements. Just out of curiosity, are the flowers expensive?

  2. Hola Nicholas,
    Thanks for the nice words.
    In answer to your question about flower costs...I guess it's all relative. You can buy a bunch of roses at Supermaxi for just a couple bucks. The gals at the flower market will put together a colorful bouquet for you for about $4-5. The more expensive flowers (some lilies and the birds of paradise, for example) can be as much as $1-$3 a stem. A whole lot cheaper than prices in San Francisco when we lived there 10 years ago!