Friday, November 26, 2010

Our USA Thanksgiving in Cuenca

We woke up to a glorious day! 

 Sunrise in the Andes on Thanksgiving Day 2010.  Fog rolling in over the mountains and pink skies.

 The street lights below had just gone out.

An earlier shot.

(That's the Terrazza complex on the right.)

All sunrise pics were taken from our porch, with that first cup of coffee.

After a morning walk to town, we had a fabulous feast with our friends at the CA Kitchen!  The Evans family, who owns and manages the restaurant, really outdid themselves.  They made it all look so effortless and organized.  They even arranged for a pianist to entertain the group.  Over 100 people enjoyed their delicious home-style cooking.

We didn't get good pics of the event, but our friend Nancy Watson did...  go to her blog at

There are no pics of Nancy on her blog as she was behind the camera.  Fortunately, we got a good one of her to share!

We started our day with a walk to town because we figured we needed the exercise before the feast....and the morning was just too beautiful to ignore. 

 A cup of excellent coffee at the Kookaburra...  Chris is getting really good with the coffee art!

We walked through the Square and 'something' was happening...  lots of school kids in their uniforms and warm-up suits.  We heard later that the day was to raise the awareness of violence toward women, so maybe that was the reason for the rally, not sure.

Beautiful stilt-walkers who graciously posed for us.


For our friends and family...Here are some autumn pics of our ranch in Oregon.  A trip down memory lane...We always think of Thanksgiving as being in the colorful autumn season of the northern hemisphere, not in the middle of Spring!  (We're still getting used to the upside down seasons...)  Oooh, maybe this is a bit late...we've read that it's been SNOWING already in our old neighborhood!

We took these pics back in 2008, right before the ranch sold...which meant, at that point, we were officially 'Cuenca Bound'!  Our 2008 Thanksgiving was spent doing last minute moving and cleaning, with deli turkey and cranberry sandwiches for dinner, eaten between chores. 2009 and 2010 Thanksgivings in Cuenca were a whole lot more fun! (You can go back in our blog to 2009 Thanksgiving for some fun pics of last year, our first Thanksgiving in Cuenca.)

Thought you'd enjoy re-visiting the colors of the season, too.  The date stamp on the pics is correct, but the time stamp is obviously wrong.  We think we remember taking the pics mid afternoon. 

We miss the seasonal colors and the seasons!  but we're still so thankful we're here.
Hope everyone had a fun and relaxing 2010 T Day, too, with lots of family fun, lots of delicious food, sports and the Macy's parade!

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