Monday, November 22, 2010

More than orchids at the Orchid Show

We loved the Orchid Show out at the Cuenca Airport this past weekend!

Lots of absolutely gorgeous flowers and displays.  Brought back so many memories of Nancy's Dad (he grew orchids, as well).  But, there were more than orchids at the exhibit, a little bit of everything. 

Our Master Gardener friends would have been in heaven, too!

Here are just some pics to drool over...enjoy!


Many countries were represented.  Here's the exhibit from Hungary.

The exhibits were all very creative and colorful.
(Vega dishes as part of the display...on the left)
The Show was well-attended and everyone there seemed to really appreciate all the beauty and diversity.

Lots of ribbons! 
More than orchids...  An impressive bonsai collection, too.

Check out this elaborate table decoration.
Even the signage was impressive and creative.  A large poster for the event:

But, this sign was the best!  All done in flowers...made us think of the floats at the Rose Bowl parade!

No, we didn't buy anything, but we wanted to.  We went to the exhibit on Saturday, spur of the moment, with the plans to return with friends on Sunday for purchases.  Instead, we ended up Sunday enjoying a delicious lunch and having a delightful time with friends...and you know how that goes!  By the time we finished lunch, the exhibit was closed.  But, there's always next time!

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